Before his live performance at the Grammys, Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger talks to APTV Correspondent Nick Major about collaborating with Skrillex, Diplo and Justin Bieber.

“We’re like a band, you know, Justin’s our singer and Jon Theodore, drummer of Queens Of The Stone Age, he’s playing with us as well. It’s an awesome band,” Einziger explains.

Einziger continues to talk about his friendship with Skrillex, past musical projects they have worked on together and Skrillex’s music.

“When I first heard Skrillex’s music, it really kind of made me stop and go, ‘What the hell is this?’ It’s really captivating,” he said.

The conversation takes a turn to his band’s latest effort—a full-length album.

“We’re in the middle of just writing. We got to a point where we thought we were gonna maybe put an album out, and then a little voice in my brain was like you know what, I don't think we should rush this. We really want to make it amazing. Our fans deserve it. They’ve been waiting this whole time. We just really want to make the best, most contemporary, most forward-thinking album that we can, so we decided to take more time.”

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Host/Editor: Nick Major

Videographer: Geoff Major