Bishop Briggs and grandson have both agreed to donate some of their Hangout Fest contract proceeds to the Yellowhammer Fund, an organization who actively helps people offset the cost of abortion in the state of Alabama.

Earlier this afternoon, Briggs tweeted out her thoughts behind Alabama’s passing of stricter abortion laws, saying, “I am devastated by the abortion laws that were passed in Alabama yesterday. I will be on the front lines in Alabama tomorrow at @Hangoutfest and I am donating a portion of my fee to”

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It did not take long for other artists to hop on board. That said, grandson quickly followed Briggs’ suit, additionally noting that he will perform as scheduled.

“I will be playing@Hangoutfest in Alabama this weekend,” grandson says in a tweet. “I will be donating a portion of my contract to They provide support and assistance to those relying on abortion clinics in Alabama. We will be performing and making our voices heard as scheduled.”

The Yellowhammer Fund works to provide funding to “anyone seeking care at one of Alabama's three abortion clinics.” Additionally, they will attempt to help with other debilitating costs such as travel and lodging. You can check out their website if you wish to do so here

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Recently, artists, such as Hayley Williams, have been very vocal on social media regarding the changing abortion laws.

That said, many states have been making stricter laws surrounding the topic of abortion. For example, Georgia’s version of the Heartbeat Bill, which could go into effect as early as 2020 according to The New York Times, would ban abortions once a heartbeat could be detected. Additionally, if doctors in Georgia were to perform an abortion past the estimated six-week threshold, they could face up to 99 years in prison, according to the Washington Post.

Since the start of 2019, other states such as Ohio, Kentucky and Mississippi have passed similar laws.

In the case of Alabama, the state has passed one of the strictest abortion bills in the country. According to The Washington Post, the law bans "virtually all abortions in the state, including for victims of rape and incest." Additionally, abortions will only be permitted in the state should the mother's life be at risk. The ban applies to all stages of pregnancy.

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