On Wednesday, Grayscale released their highly-anticipated reworked EP Live From The Barber Shop Studios.

In celebration of its release, Grayscale have shared an acoustic performance of the reimagined "What's On Your Mind."

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Grayscale put out their last full-length album Nella Vita back in September. Although it's been less than a year since its release, Grayscale have decided to reimagine some of the LP's most popular songs for the new EP.

Live From The Barber Shop Studios was produced by Grayscale guitarist Dallas Molster. He shares that each member incorporated their own musical influences into these reworked tracks.

“Every single member of the band grew up with an incredibly wide musical palette,” he says. “We were drawn to everything from jazz, classic rock, hip-hop and anything in between. We saw this as an opportunity to rearrange our songs in totally different styles and to tap into some different musical influences than usual.”

On July 15, Grayscale released a retro version of their song “Baby Blue.” Horns and drums take the lead of the reworked track while a lively piano is heard throughout. Then, on July 23, the band shared a reimagined version of "Painkiller Weather," one of their most popular songs. The band transformed the fan-favorite track into a moving piano ballad that leaves its personal lyrics at the forefront.

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Now, Grayscale have unveiled the EP's third and final track. For the new EP, the band revisited "What's On Your Mind" and recreated it into something completely new. Grayscale stripped away the original song's upbeat tempo and underlying synths to create an acoustic-guitar driven track.

Live From The Barber Shop Studios is out now via Fearless Records.

Grayscale were set to hit the road with Mayday Parade and Sad Summer Festival this year. However, Mayday Parade previously announced that their tour is now canceled. As well, Sad Summer Festival is postponed until 2021 which Grayscale are returning for.

Earlier this month, Mayday Parade released a cover of the Beatles‘ “I Want To Hold Your Hand” which features Grayscale’s Molster, Collin Walsh and Nick VenoKnuckle Puck’s Joe Taylorthe Maine’s John O’Callaghan, We The Kings’ Travis Clark and Dan Lambton also took part in the cover.

All of Grayscale's performances for their Live From The Barber Shop Studios EP are available to watch below.

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