This week, Billie Joe Armstrong has reimagined a legendary song by John Lennon called "Gimme Some Truth." Released in 1971, Lennon wrote the song in protest of the Vietnam War.

Now, the Green Day vocalist is putting his own spin on the song by the late Beatles member that is relevant to the ongoing protests and political climate today.

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Throughout his life, Lennon was known for his political beliefs that he exercised in his personal life and music. "Gimme Some Truth" is off of his 1971 album Imagine and was written in protest of the Vietnam War. The song includes various political references that encapsulated the feelings of many during that time.

Now, Armstrong is reimaging the 1971 song. The Green Day frontman took to social media this week to share the cover. He also revealed that he first heard the song as a Generation X cover. He credits the band and Billy Idol for introducing the song to him.

"Welcome to no fun Monday hump day..this song was written by John Lennon," he says. "The first time I heard it was from one of my all-time faves Generation X! My version lands somewhere in between."

Taking inspiration from the original song and Generation X's cover, Armstrong puts his own spin on the classic and recreates it into something new. Along with the cover, Armstrong also shared an animated visual that features lyrics from the song.

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Armstrong has been releasing various covers over the past few months while in coronavirus quarantine. As part of his No Fun Mondays series, he has recently shared reimagined versions of songs such as "Kids in America" and "Amico." His kids also joined him on The Late Late Show With James Corden for a cover of "I Think We're Alone Now" by Tommy James And The Shondells.

Green Day also revealed the rescheduled U.S. 2021 dates for the Hella Mega Tour. The tour includes Fall Out Boy and Weezer and was originally postponed due to coronavirus. Now, the U.S. Hella Mega Tour is kicking off in Seattle on July 14, 2021.

John Lennon's "Gimme Some Truth" is available to stream below.

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