Green Day have been around quite a while. That usually means band's have acquired quite a discography. So, they can't play every song they've ever written live and usually play a blend of crowd-pleasers, hits and new songs to cater to everyone. But, Billie Joe Armstrong stated the only reason they don't play "Panic Song" live is because it's too hard.

Armstrong is also showcasing some young talent on his Instagram. He's posting videos of young musicians playing Green Day covers.

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In one of the instances of Armstrong posting two guys covering "Macy's Day Parade" a rather humorous exchange took place in the comments section. A commenter asked Billie Joe why he doesn't play "Panic Song" off Insomniac live and Billie responded by saying "it's too hard, and I'm too lazy."

Green Day

[Photo via Instagram][/caption]Listen to "Panic Song" below.

This is but one of many videos that the Green Day singer and guitarist has posted of fans playing Green Day songs. Check out some more below.



The Green Day founder has been very generous as of late. He just made headlines for donating to the fundraiser in support of the kid who booked the Denny's hardcore show last week.

Let’s first fully catch you up if you’ve missed this cultural zeitgeist. A 17-year-old booked a power violence band named WACKO to play a show at a Denny’s in Santa Ana, CA. The kid, Bryson Del Valle, said it was his birthday.

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The concert quickly turned into what we all expect of a hardcore show and some damage was done. Actually, over $1000 in damages. This led Del Valle and WACKO to launce separate fundraisers to cover the bill.

In steps Green Day. The Rock and Roll Hall of Famers and Californa natives heard of the incident. They then donated $2000 to cover all the costs of Denny’s bill. Check out a screenshot of Green Day’s story below.

They even left a heartfelt message to Del Valle in the GoFundMe page.

“Hey Bryson call us! We wanna play the Bastards Club. Love, Green Day.” Bastard Club is the name of Del Valle’s skateboarding and promotional booking company.

So it seems that Billie Joe Armstrong is fully embracing the Christmas spirit and truly giving back in the ways he can.

Green Day’s new album Father Of All… is expected out Feb. 07, 2020. Preorders and all other info are available here.

What do you think of Billie Joe Armstrong's reason for not playing "Panic Song" live? Sound off below!

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