QUIZ: Can you tell if these lyrics are from blink-182 or Green Day?

Whether you’ve known the name Billie Joe Armstrong since his band’s inception in the ’80s or have no idea who Tom DeLonge is, blink-182 and Green Day are arguably two of the most influential bands in modern pop punk

Fans of their decades-spanning discographies may not be stoked to hear that there won’t be a return of the iconic Pop Disaster tour. Mark Hoppus dropped the major bombshell during a recent Twitch stream, revealing that there was actually a Pop Disaster 2 tour in the works. However, much to the disappointment of fans, Green Day apparently didn’t want to take part.

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Though this tour won’t happen, Hoppus did share that blink-182’s new EP is expected to drop “late this year/early 2021.” There’s a possibility it could turn into a full album. We have to take the good with the bad, right?

While we won’t have a co-headlining tour from the pop-punk giants, it’s fair to say many people will still be lifelong fans of both groups. See how big of a superfan you are and try to identify which lyrics are blink-182’s and which are Green Day’s. 

More on Green Day and blink-182

It looks like blink-182‘s megahit “What’s My Age Again?” could’ve been a lot different if it wasn’t for Green Day. Mark Hoppus revealed that he wrote the song’s iconic opening riff after trying to learn one of Green Day’s classic songs.

While both bands are some of the most influential in pop-punk, it looks like blink-182 fans owe Green Day a big thank you. Hoppus recently caught up with Less Than Jake‘s Chris DeMakes for the Chris DeMakes A Podcast. During the episode, Hoppus reflects on how the Enema Of The State single came to be.

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“I was just writing a funny song,” Hoppus says. “There’s a Green Day song called ‘J.A.R.’ on the Angus soundtrack, and it starts off with this bass intro that’s really rad. And I was messing around on the guitar trying to learn that, and I kinda messed up the progression, and I played it incorrectly, and I was like, ‘Oh, that’s kinda cool…’ and that was the basis for the opening riff of the song: me trying to learn how to play ‘J.A.R.’ on guitar and messing it up and coming up with something that I liked that was different than that.”

J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)” originally appeared on the 1995 soundtrack for Angus. However, Green Day re-released the song on 2001’s International Superhits!

blink-182 eventually hit the road with Green Day for the Pop Disaster tour in 2002. Hoppus further reveals that during the opening night of the tour, he told Armstrong about how “J.A.R.” inspired the blink-182 hit.

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Hoppus let the Green Day frontman know that “J.A.R.” is “so good, I think it’s your best song.” The compliment, however, didn’t exactly go down as well as Hoppus may have hoped.

“Oh, that’s cool,” Hoppus recalls Armstrong saying. “Mike Dirnt wrote that one; it’s the only one of our songs that he wrote.”

Hoppus’ full interview with Less Than Jake’s DeMakes is available to stream here