We already know how you feel about Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Panic! At The Disco. Which is why we put their songs through the discerning ears of Australian pop-punk quintet Between You And Me.

The alt-pop band were in the States in support of their latest Hopeless Records release, Everything Is Temporary. When they came into the office, Between You And Me tagged along with their tourmates With Confidence and Doll Skin. (They did break into a pretty great kazoo rendition of the “Mos Eisley Cantina Theme” from Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. Sorry we didn’t get that on video.) APTV’s Bobby Makar put together some tracks for the guys to weigh in on.

Among the songs piped into their headphones were Fall Out Boy’s “Bob Dylan," two Teenage Bottlerocket songs ("The First Time That I Did Acid Was The Last Time That I Did Acid" and "I Wanna Be A Dog"), Poppy’s “Concrete,” Panic! At The Disco’s contribution to the Frozen 2 soundtrack ("Into The Unknown"), Green Day’s "Fire, Ready, Aim" and the highly anticipated track by U.K. dark rockers Creeper, “Born Cold.”

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In this reaction video, the band are pleasantly honest, even if they’re not entirely picking up what we’re throwing down, so to speak. Can Brendon Urie’s amazing pipes conjure some smiles from this Aussie contingent? Whose track does bassist James Karagiozis describe as “sounds like a whole circus on cocaine” before warning “this is what our next record is going to sound like”? Who gets called out as being “a cross between Ramones and Sleeping With Sirens”? Who strikes out entirely? And does frontman Jake Wilson really want to be a dog, or will he settle to merely write about it? 

Check out Between You And Me as they make opinions, friends (and perhaps a few enemies) on APTV.