There's an old relationship book called Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus. But maybe the men of Green Day really are from Mars. Because the veteran pop-punk band's name just landed on the red planet via NASA's InSight Lander.

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"Green Day Since 1986," reads the interplanetary engraving, signifying the time the Bay Area trio first began performing. (Back then, three years before the band's debut 1,000 Hours EP, the budding outfit were known as Sweet Children.)

Green Day guitarist/vocalist Billie Joe Armstrong, bassist Mike Dirnt and drummer Tré Cool sure seem super stoked about the spacey development. "Officially landed on Mars," the group cheekily announced on Monday. "Out of this world."

And why wouldn't they be on Mars? They're God's Favorite Band, after all, so Green Day among the cosmos may be a no-brainer as far as the Greek and Roman gods and godesses—from which the planets get their names—are concerned.

Billboard says they couldn't reach a NASA rep for further details on the agency's affiliation with Green Day. But how cool is it that the band's name is now located way out in space, on a planet that's located over 33 million miles away from us? (Also, do you think that Martians listen to the group?) Sound off in the comments section, below, with your take!

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