When Green Day comes around again, could it be to play Dookie in its entirety?

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On Thursday (July 26) drummer Tre Cool posted a photo of the band and then another showing a setlist featuring all of the songs on Dookie...in the order that they appear on the album (!!)

Adding a caption of: "fun band practice - swipe to see the set list we played today," we can't help but think the band might be hinting at a tour.

Fun band practice - swipe to see the set list we played today ...—>

A post shared by Tre' Cool (@trecool) on

With album anniversaries not an uncommon thing in today's scene, we did a little digging to see when the band released the pop-punk classic.

Green Day's Dookie was dropped on Feb. 1 of 1994, almost 25 years ago, meaning that a 25th album anniversary tour starting early next year wouldn't necessarily be something out of the question.

The band last played the 1994 album, that contains tracks like "Basket Case," "When I Come Around," and "Longview," in full at the Reading and Leeds festival almost five years ago, and we're so ready to see it happen again.

The band hasn't officially confirmed anything, but we can only hope that they're planning to do a run with all of these songs.

Would you want to see the band play a 25th-anniversary tour of Dookie? Sound off in the comments below!

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