Next month will mark three years since the tragic passing of Chester Bennington. While most knew him as the frontman of Linkin Park, Bennington was also in a band called Grey Daze prior to his time in Linkin Park.

Just before his tragic passing, Grey Daze decided to reform. Now, they are continuing to pay tribute to Bennington in their new music. On June 12, the band released a video for their new song "B12" that honors the late singer. As well, the video features Korn guitarists James "Munky" Shaffer and Brian "Head" Welch.

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Last month, Grey Daze released a music video for "Soul Song" which was directed by Chester's son Jaime Bennington. Back in January, the band also released a re-record of "What's In The Eye" that features Bennington's vocals.

Now, Grey Daze are continuing to honor the late singer in another video. "B12" features Bennington's original vocal takes he recorded before his passing in 2017.

"In this video," drummer Sean Dowdell says. "We not only brought his [Bennington] lyrics to life, but we also were able to feel his presence as we performed alongside his vocal track."

The opening statement of the "B12" video further explains Grey Daze's decision to carry on without Bennington.

"In 2017, Grey Daze decided to reunite and record another album," the video statement reads. "Two months prior to their first show in 20 years, Chester tragically took his life. After a period of mourning, Grey Daze decided to finish the record in Chester's memory."

In the "B12" video, Grey Daze pay tribute to Bennington by including various photos and videos of him from throughout the years. Alongside Grey Daze, Korn guitarists Head and Munky can also be seen throughout the video.

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"B12" is Grey Daze's call to action. With lyrics pertaining to the Berlin wall, atomic bombs and the Ku Klux Klan, "B12" is about taking a stand against injustices and inequality despite those that may call you stupid for doing so.

The video itself includes various visual representations of issues happening worldwide. From homelessness to war, the Black Lives Matter movement, fossil fuels and more, Grey Daze's "B12" encourages people to keep fighting for what's important.

"B12" is off of Grey Daze's upcoming album Amends that is due out on June 26. Like "B12," other songs on the album include Bennington's vocal takes that were recorded before his death. For the band, Amends is all about honoring the late singer.

"Everything we've done surrounding the upcoming release of Amends has been to honor Chester," Dowdell continues. "The video for 'B12' is no exception. We wanted to celebrate all that has been accomplished in seeing Amends, a release [Bennington] had wanted to bring to life."

Earlier this month, Grey Daze shared a beautiful video of Bennington performing Nirvana's "Polly." The video was recorded years ago and was rediscovered recently by the band.

The "B12" video featuring Munky and Head of Korn is available to watch below.

What do you think of the "B12" music video? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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