Hologram tours have become a way for people to see dead musicians perform live again, but now Grimes says she wants it to become a norm for living artists too.

In an interview with Flaunt, the pop star questioned why only deceased artists tour in this format and said she wants to retire from touring.

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“I wanna retire from touring,” says Grimes. “I wanna do a hologram tour. Why do we keep doing them for dead artists instead of living ones who have stage fright?”

When asked if she experiences stage fright, Grimes explained she feels performing is "nightmarish" and "horrible." She also says she needs "to Gorillaz it" and find a way out of traditional touring.

The musician also called albums "trash" in the interview, saying after she releases her upcoming album Miss_Anthropocene she will “never have to put out another” record.

She added that if it weren't for contractual obligations she would have released more music than she has instead of following traditional album formats. The musician doesn't feel she is particularly consistent with her albums and would rather release EPs.

This isn't the musician's first time putting wacky ideas into the world though. She says her new album is supposed to be pro-climate change and will make the discussion around the issue "fun."

She has also legally changed her name from Claire to and expressed she'll eventually kill off her Grimes monicker. The reasoning behind her name change is that is a symbol representing the speed of light. Even that name is temporary though, as she says she plans to continue changing her name in the future.

Grimes is also involved in a lawsuit along with her boyfriend Elon Musk and rapper Azealia Banks over Musk allegedly making false and misleading statements to investors.

Earlier in the year, Grimes collaborated with Bring Me The Horizon on the dancey sounding "nihilist blues."

Would you pay to see a living musician's hologram tour? Let us know in the comments below.

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