The Grinch has been (probably literally) stealing our hearts since its original publication in 1957. Well, assuming you're not filled up on roast beast, Nestlé Toll House is releasing "Pinch of Grinch" sugar cookie dough.

We are certain that supermarket shelves will be tickled green about this seasonal villain coming down the chimney and growing their sales three sizes.

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According to Best Products, the cookie will be bright green with a rather large red sprinkle shaped like a heart on each cookie. Check it out below.

The Grinch

[Photo via Nestle][/caption]We know we should Ho, Ho, Hold our horses about these but they're just so delightfully heart growing. We just want to hop in toboggans and sled on down. Trust us, "yule" want to as well.

Recently, brands are starting to catch on to the things that people like. With the Wednesday Addams Icee and the Jack Skellington Frappuccino, it's as if punks like us are going to have all the sweets we can imagine. That's not even including the pumpkin-shaped Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, which are obviously the best ones.

The packs come with 20 cookies and will cost $2.99. They are only available while supplies last. So let's hope Charlie decked out your sleigh with rockets because these are sure to be flying off the shelves. Just don't eat so many that you find yourself shouting "BUT WHAT WOULD I WEAR" as you prepare for your holiday parties.

We know Halloween is first. But, if you're still not feeling those holiday tingles take a listen to this "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" cover or to this pop-punk holiday playlist and think about how much greatness is going to follow the spooky season.

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