The Grudge is ramping up the intensity as we get closer and closer to the film's release date of Jan. 3, 2020. We know the film is set in America instead of Japan, and we knew that there would be different iterations of the grudge curse.

Now, in a new video, members of production and cast discuss the details of the movie further and we get a better look at what may be haunting our new characters. Check it out below.

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The Grudge is directed by Nicolas Pesce and produced by Sam Raimi (Don’t BreatheEvil Dead). The film centers around a cop named Mandy (Andrea Riseborough). She's in a town that has a mysterious case that she can’t figure out. It leads to her a house that “has been grudged,” Pesce tells EW, and all hell breaks loose.

“We follow her, as well as two other storylines, that are all interacting with this grudged house in small-town America,” Pesce says. “Like the old films, it’s a tapestry of three different stories that interweave and all take place at slightly different times, centered around this one house that’s at the center of this case that this cop is working on.”

Pesce also noted that it isn’t just a remake of the 2004 flick, but will have a new storyline.

“The beauty of The Grudge franchise, both the American and Japanese iterations, is it’s an anthology series. Every movie is a different story of different characters having different interactions with this curse,” Pesce says. “In today’s age where we’re remaking everything, I thought it would be fun to dive into The Grudge universe where we don’t have to remake anything, but rather a new chapter in this canon.”

Watch the newest featurette below with some previously unreleased footage.

Getting a closer look at some more details, this new grudge looks spooky. Horror veteran Lin Shaye states, “This is a horror film. This is real horror.”

Hopefully, we get some more information about the newest iteration of the curse haunting Mandy because it looks like we're in for a wild ride and we don't want to go in blindly.

Watch the official trailer below.

The Grudge is coming to theaters Jan. 3. 2020. Tell us how excited you are in the comments below.

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