Following the release of his sophomore album, joke's on you, guccihighwaters has shared a new music video for rock bottom. The blackbear-produced track samples an iconic Vine we all know and love. Featuring nothing,nowhere., the song centers around two people who can’t give up their toxic relationship and don’t want to admit they have problems.

“rock bottom” opens with the audio “I can’t believe you’ve done this” from a 2007 viral video later uploaded to Vine. In the “rock bottom” video, we see Morgan Murphy, the talent behind guccihighwaters, all by himself in a hazy desert. Figures in flowy fabrics dance around him as he tries to follow the path on a treasure map. 

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After finding the spot and digging up a treasure chest, the note inside isn't what he expected to find.

“This music video shoot was so memorable,” Murphy exclusively tells Alternative Press. “It was a two-day shoot in these dunes in North Carolina. It was such hard work for everyone, mainly because of how cold it got as the sun went down and how secluded it was. We actually had to get transported via ATVs to and from the dunes because of how big they are. Mason Mercer, the genius behind this beautiful video, and the crew were also so fun to work with.”

Since gaining traction in the scene in 2017 with his debut EP, post death, Epitaph Records signed Murphy in 2019. Keeping in touch with his roots, Murphy recorded joke's on you alone with only a laptop and basic music equipment. 

The album’s title is a reference to people who didn’t believe Murphy would ever be successful. Now as an accomplished artist poised to be a star, he still approaches music humbly. 

“Blowing up and not being ready for it was crazy,” he says. “I always wanted it, but it’s almost like I was lying to myself. I wasn’t confident enough to actually tell myself I could really make it. I didn’t want to get my hopes up in case I didn’t.”

In addition to being helmed by blackbear, “rock bottom” was also produced by Andrew Goldstein (All Time Low, YUNGBLUD, Linkin Park) and mixed by James Krausse. Goldstein and blackbear also joined Murphy in co-writing it with nothing,nowhere. and Pablo Bowman.

joke’s on you also contains tracks featuring Powfu, Sarcastic Sounds, convolk, Ellise, Softheart and Laeland. “rock bottom” follows other music videos such as “straight jacket,” “rope” and “hold somebody.

You can listen to joke’s on you here and find out what was in the treasure chest by watching the video below. The album will also be available on vinyl July 16 and can be preordered here.