Grunge-rock three-piece Gully Boys are giving Alternative Press an exclusive first look at their latest music video "The Way." The track comes ahead of their second EP, Favorite Son, which drops in September.

Guitarist Kathy Callahan, bassist Natalie Klemond and drummer Nadirah McGill learned how to play their respective instruments in 2016 when they decided to form the band. Over the past few years, the trio scored a headlining residency at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis. They also went on tour with acts such as Third Eye Blind and Hippo Campus.

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Since the release of their 2018 debut LP, Not So Brave, they've shared several singles as well as the Phony EP. Their latest song follows the release of "Favorite Son," the title track of their upcoming EP.

Powerful vocalizations from Callahan are paired with resounding harmonies and progressions. Slick guitar riffs give "The Way" a hard-rock edge, one Gully Boys admit is a slight difference from what they have coming with their forthcoming EP.

"'The Way' came to be after we thought we had exhausted all of the writing we were going to get out of the week we spent in the studio," the band share with AltPress. "Almost as an afterthought, it was pulled out of an iPhone voice memo and fleshed out. Instantly the song resonated heavily with us. Unlike some of the other tracks on our upcoming EP, 'The Way' doesn’t diverge much from our previously released work. Instead, it feels like a tighter, more laser-focused version of what we’ve learned to do best, which is let Kathy yell."

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The accompanying imagery illustrates the group's frustrations depicted in the track. With the chorus ringing behind them, the band go up against a single knight. Just when it looks like they might fail, the trio deliver their finishing blows.

"The lyrics for this song were built around the first line that was written with the melody, 'Isn’t that the way it goes/Isn’t that the way it almost always goes,'" the group say. "From there, it became a lamentation of feeling unable to escape your own habits and ways—like there are two versions of yourself in your head, and one is an insatiable toddler."

Favorite Son releases Sept. 10 and is available to preorder via Get Better Records. Check out Gully Boys' raging music video for "The Way" below.