GWAR were put on Earth to conquer and destroy and their most recent conquest is popular YouTube trend ASMR.

In this APTV exclusive, GWAR belch and scratch their way through an ASMR session so riddled with vulgarity and the deep, guttural-gargling of digestive fluids, you'll wish they had brought their typical wall of feedback to drown out this hushed debauchery.

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GWAR aren't the only band to take a stab at ASMR. Paramore's Hayley Williams also hopped the bandwagon on the new trend.

In promotion of Good Dye Young, Williams whispered about her product for four, relaxing minutes. Williams can be seen (and heard) tapping on the dye box and tube, eating chips and whispering about the product.

“Somewhere there’s a list of things I won’t do for Good Dye Young brand awareness,” Williams said in a tweet. “Apparently ASMR wasn’t on that list.”