After comedian Kathy Griffin's attorney referenced bands like Municipal Waste and GWAR as other public figures who have created "disturbing imagery" involving President Trump, both bands have come to Griffin's defense.

Check out exactly what they said below!

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Comedian Kathy Griffin recently made headlines around the world after the comedian posted a picture of herself holding a bloodied decapited Donald Trump head. Since then, she's been fired from her position as co-host of CNN's annual New Year's Eve program along with being slammed from the Trump family. Griffin was also slammed by her former co-host of CNN's New Year's Eve program, Anderson Cooper.

On June 2, Griffin and her attorney Lisa Bloom held a news conference where they talked about the photo. At one point Bloom brings up Municipal Waste, GWAR and Marilyn Manson saying, "Many male artists have created far more disturbing imagery ... A Marilyn Manson music video shows him beheading a Trump figure. The band Municipal Waste has an image of Trump with a bloody gunshot to his head on a band t-shirt. The band G-W-A-R has had violent images like this for president after president for years. They're all just considered bad boys. Unlike these male artists, Kathy apologized."

But now some of these "bad boys" are coming to the defense of the comedian.

Tony Foresta, lead singer for Municipal Waste, contacted Style through email where he wrote, "We did this shit two years ago, get with the times, Kathy. Haha, just kidding! For years comedians, actors, musicians, (literally everyone), have been speaking out against Trump, not just metal bands. I don't understand why people are making such a big deal now. I think it's pretty messed up that she's basically being singled out because she's a prominent female comedian. I feel that people from all walks of life should have equal rights in desecrating Trump's bloody corpse. Welcome to the club, Kathy!"

The t-shirt Bloom referenced to features a graphic image of the President, along with the phrase "The Only Walls We Build Are Walls Of Death" written on the back.

GWAR, who will be performing at the 2017 Vans Warped Tour, also contacted Style. Bassist Beefcake the Mighty mentioned how the quality of the Trump head in her photo was "about as good" as ones they would use on stage, along with inviting Griffin on stage with them.

"We'd like to invite Kathy Griffin to join us on stage in decapitating Trump, then we'd like to kill her," he says. "She and her lawyer need to learn how to say Gwar. It's not an acronym. It's a guttural feeling. You just have to belt it out ... We've been killing presidents for years now and we'll continue ... We don't discriminate. We're not into politics and we hate all humans. We'll kill everyone."

Other comedians have come to Griffin's aid, including Alec Baldwin who has been recently known for portraying the President on Saturday Night Live. Baldwin spoke directly to the comedian in a stream of tweets which you can check out below.

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