Harry Potter experiences and rides and merchandise just never seem to end. It's great if you love Harry Potter—most of us do. Staying in the Hogwart's Castle is obviously the dream hotel idea, but what about something a little more reasonable and still iconic?

Well, for just $1, you can be entered for a chance to spend the holidays in Hagrid's Hut. The lovable giant is as notable as any character in the movie, beloved by moms and dads everywhere as a wholesome, family-friendly parent-type to Harry.

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It really sounds too good to be true. The dates you will be staying are Dec. 22-29 so Christmas will be as magical as ever.

Along with staying in the iconic Harry Potter location, you and five others (6 maximum, up to 4 adults) will receive a warm North Shire welcome and a magical Christmas hamper filled with treats.

You'll get to meet Hedwig (A snowy owl) and Harry Potter while he performs magic over afternoon tea. The package also includes a steam train ride at the Harry Potter Station in Goathland and presents delivered by Santa.

Check out the video below to get a real cozy feeling of anticipation.

Not everyone can be the Chosen One however, some of us have to be the Hermione's or Mundungus Fletcher's of the world. So, there are second and third place prizes available. The 2nd place winner receives a three nights stay in the Groundskeeper's Cottage, and 3rd place receives a two nights stay in the Shire House.

The competition entry window is open until Oct. 31, 2019, at 6 p.m. EST so don't get distracted by the Mirror of Erised and hurry. You can enter here.

How amazing of an experience is this? Who is your favorite Harry Potter character? Sound off below!

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