Donovan Melero has a memory like a steel trap. The Hail The Sun frontman and drummer can recall frighteningly accurate details for nearly every show they've ever played which makes for an especially interesting episode of APTV's REGRAM.

Melero and his Hail The Sun bandmates dive deep into their Instagram account to relive memories of hilarious face swaps, Lady Gaga apartment accoutrements and inspirational trips to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in this APTV exclusive.

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More on Hail The Sun:

Hail The Sun released their fourth LP, Mental Knife in 2018. The album heavily explores the idealistic desire to surgically remove the less-than-desirable aspects of our behavior and personalities.

Following Melero’s 10-year sobriety, Mental Knife centers on the lessons he learned from overcoming addiction and battling his inner demons to become a better person and a musician. Inspired by the idea of cutting out the undesirable aspects of our personality and behavior, the album manifests how he processed his emotions through struggle, reflecting back on his journey to sobriety. Watch the exclusive APTV interview with Melero on the creation of Mental Knife here.

Melero also sat down with APTV to talk about the music that he can’t enjoy anymore. Every music lover has that one good song or album that’s ruined by a shitty time or person. For Melero, a tough breakup ruined his favorite album, which was subsequently salvaged with the help of his best friend.
Hear the adorable story of how a treasured At The Drive-In record was pulled out of emotional wreckage and brought back to life with the aid of Hail The Sun guitarist Aric Garcia, why Melero isn’t eager to meet girls at the rock show and other tales of sonic woe in this edition of APTV’s Ruined Music.
Mental Knife is available via Equal Vision Records on all streaming services. Listen to the Hail The Sun album here.
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