Hail The Sun is teaming up with AP to stream their upcoming album Culture Scars. The post-hardcore will release their upcoming album June 17 via  Equal Vision Records

Singer Donovan Melero breaks down the process of each track featured on Culture Scars


"Musically and lyrically, this song is about the perspective of how you see yourself versus how others see you, and whether it matters or not if there is a difference."

"Entertainment Lies"

"Our generation is pretty desensitized by sex, with it so readily available at our fingertips. And while we believe it's important to express ourselves sexually, there are many of us who do not know the dark treatment and situations girls endure when entering - and leaving - the adult entertainment industry. I hope that this song helps to provoke thought on how x-rated films portray women, and how it affects their lives on and off screen, as well as how we, the general population, perceive women because of these videos. I would venture to say it truly isn't as it seems on camera."

"Body Damage"

"I have always had this terrible fear of car crashes, which is sort of ironic because of how much travelling this career requires. So this song elaborates a little more on that, with a few examples stemming straight from a tragedy one of my brother’s friends experienced when he was in high school, 15 years ago."

"Words of Gratitude (Parents)"

"The lyrics reflect my deep gratitude for my parents, and my admiration of them for standing by me during a time where I put them through so much. But I think this also represents the gratitude we all feel towards our parents, for always standing by us while we do what we love, and for helping us understand the meaning of unconditional love."

"The 'Fun' in Dysfunction"

"This song is told in the perspective of a personified bad relationship, coaxing two people to act horribly towards each other out of comfort and co-dependence."

"The People That Protect Us"

"It’s no secret that the police state and social inequalities in this country are being debated daily. This song takes an individual case, and uses it to symbolize how the badge has become a symbol of unchallenged power of law, rather than protecting it - for some, not all, public servants. This is of course my opinion. And I firmly believe we have a problem with unbalanced uses of authority. It scares me to think what the people who protected us got away with before everyone had a camera, because it’s astonishing what they can get away with even on camera. This doesn’t only pertain to crooked cops, it pertains to anyone in an authoritative position that uses that role in a way that selfishly harms others, whether it be verbal, sexual, or a myriad of other circumstances. These are the same people we are taught as kids to look up to, obey, and respect." 

"Burn Nice and Slow (The Formative Years)"

"My time in college for me was a massive learning experience. I came to the conclusion later in life that I was not ready to live and take care of myself on my own at that time, and while I was there for school, school always took a backseat. I've always seen my college years divided into two parts - pre-sobriety and post sobriety. The lyrics of this song reflect both parts. I felt like I was a piece of shit most of the time, totally underserving, and definitely self-absorbed at the same time. That state of mind negatively influenced my self-esteem, and the first relationship I was in. It caused me to be complacent and selfish, and see through a filter. Ultimately, I'm sure it's what led to that particular breakup but what always kept me grounded, and what was to follow, was playing music with the four people I share the stage with to this day. We would tour during every break from school we had. Although we all loved it, it was also a learning experience filled with bad shows, bad weather, and dealing with each other for long periods of time - but it has led to some of the best times of my life. My bandmates and I became more like brothers, with a common goal and dream. Those four years of school were crucial in my own personal development, as well as the band's development. This song is an attempt at capturing the beginning stages that led to where everything has ended up."

"Never Kill a Mouse Let It Kill Itself"

"This song has been around since Spring of 2008, and I am so glad we revamped it for this album. I was going through a crisis of identity in my apartment in Chico, CA. This was a way to get through it, and pay respect to someone who had looked out for my well-being, even when I didn’t. The name is symbolic in letting go of a memory/era organically, rather than force it, or numb it."

"Ministry of Truth"

"This song is about the manipulation of the masses by smarter, richer, more powerful persons, to further their own agenda. I believe we have been dumbed down enough by clickbait words and scary stories, that we are at a point where this is happening, and the tragedy is that we are allowing it to happen."

"Doing the Same Thing and Expecting Different Results"

"There were years of my life where I had grown so accustomed to disappointing myself and family, or lying to family in order to not disappoint them. This type of lifestyle leaked over in the way I acted with friends, and of course lovers. When did honesty become such a foreign concept to me? I could not pin point the time. But eventually it did. And it came with me repeating the same behaviors, and somehow hoping things would turn out differently. That was usually never the case, and it always blew up in my face. To those that it harmed, I apologize, and I probably deserved everything that happened to me as a result, as well."

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Want to see them live? Check them out on tour this summer! 

Tour dates: 

Jun 12 Seattle, WA @ El Corazon 

Jun 13 Portland, OR @ Analog Cafe 

Jun 14 Chico, CA @ 1078 Gallery 

Jun 15 San Francisco, CA @ Brick and Mortar 

Jun 17 Anaheim, CA @ Chain Reaction

Jun 18 Van Nuys, CA @ White Oak Music Hall 

Jun 19 San Diego, CA @ House of Blues - Voodoo Room 

Jun 20 Scottsdale, AZ @ Pub Rock 

Jun 21 El Paso, TX @ Mesa Music Hall 

Jun 22 Albuquerque, NM @ The Co-op 

Jun 24 Dallas, TX @ Gexa Energy Pavilion 

Jun 25 San Antonio, TX @ AT&T Center 

Jun 26 Houston, TX @ NRG Park Main St Yellow Lot 

Jun 27 New Orleans, LA @ Mardi Gras World 

Jun 29 Nashville, TN @ The Fairgrounds 

Jun 30 Atlanta, GA @ Lakewood Amphitheatre 

Jul 01 St. Petersburg, FL @ Vinoy Park 

Jul 02 Orlando, FL @ Tinker Field 

Jul 03 West Palm Beach, FL @ S. Florida Fairgrounds 

Jul 05 Charlotte, NC @ PNC Music Pavilion 

Jul 06 Virginia Beach, VA @ Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater 

Jul 07 Syracuse, NY @ Lakeview Amphitheater 

Jul 08 Camden, NJ @ BB&T Pavilion 

Jul 09 Wantagh, NY @ Nikon at Jones Beach Theater 

Jul 10 Hartford, CT @ XFINITY Theatre 

Jul 11 Scranton, PA @ The Pavilion at Montage Mountain 

Jul 13 Mansfield, MA @ Xfinity Center 

Jul 14 Darien Center, NY @ Darien Lake Performing Arts Center 

Jul 15 Pittsburgh, PA @ First Niagara Pavilion 

Jul 16 Columbia, MD @ Merriweather Post Pavilion