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QUIZ: Which color should you dye your hair based on your music taste?

For everyone in the scene, changing your hair color and style is a fact of life. It’s as commonplace as wanting to express yourself through tattoos, piercings, makeup and nails.

There are so many options for achieving the perfect emo look, whether you like spray-on dye or semi-permanent color from Hayley WilliamsGood Dye Young brand. 

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Now that winter is upon us, it’s time to change your hair for the season, too. You can even match your beanies to your new ’do! Take the quiz below to see which color you should dye your hair based on your music taste. 

More on Hayley Williams

Hayley Williams has truly had some iconic hair and styles over the years.

Now, the Paramore vocalist is revisiting some of these classic eras, but it’s not in the way you might think.

Although rumors are swirling that Paramore may be working on new music, Williams has been hard at work with her hair brand Good Dye Young. Earlier this year, the brand has taken part in various Paramore-inspired social media trends.

Williams arrived at the Good Dye Young offices and was quickly met with a few of her past selves. One employee dressed up in Williams’ legendary look from the “Told You So” video with a red dress, gloves and a beret. They even wore the big round glasses from the video that Williams thought she had lost.

Another employee channeled Williams from the “Decode” video with her purple beanie and red hair. This particular look appeared to take Williams the most by surprise. She tells the Good Dye Young staff member that she hasn’t seen that Twilight-era Williams in “over a decade.”

Finally, the third employee recreated Williams’ Petals For Armor album artwork. They wore all black with a blonde wig and drew on Williams’ black-out square tattoos on the inside of their fingers and on their face.

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To truly complete all of Williams’ style eras, another employee eventually entered the room wearing a Riot!-era wig. Williams seemed to be very taken aback, saying that the whole situation is her “nightmare.”

Check out the hilarious video here