[Photo by: Buzzedandfaded/Instagram and Katcolors/Instagram]

There's a new hair trend that will take you right back to your Myspace days.

Oh, the nostalgia.

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Hair stylists Kat and Andrew Collett (Katcolors and Buzzedandfaded, respectively, on Instagram) decided to join two really fun things: Hair dye and water guns.

Yes, that's exactly what you think: They dye people's hair with water guns.

The couple, who own With Love Salon in Kansas City, Missouri, fills the guns with hair dye mixed with water and splash it right onto hair.

As reported by Beauty Insider, the technique is called "Splash Kaleidoscope," and the result looks like this:

"We were inspired to create something both Andrew and I could fully plan and apply together," Kat explains to Allure.

"We chose [the water guns] as a way to express our inner child while living an 'adult life,'" the stylist continues. "You are never too old to have fun." 

Kat also explained to Allure that they wanted to give the hair "a shattered appearance and lots of implied texture." 

And they definitely got it, which reminds us of something else...

Yes, our Myspace scene days, when everyone on your Top 8 had this hair:

Yes, we know! The resemblance is uncanny.

Check out some videos of Andrew and Kat at work—and maybe schedule an appointment, if you're feeling nostalgic.

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