“In My Feelings” dance challenge, who? Indie up-and-comers half•alive just dropped this incredible new music video for their song “still feel.” half•alive make certain that their newest banger is irresistible, entertaining and as groovy as can be.

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The music video features the electric three-piece doing an incredible dance number. With first-class cinematography, “still feel.” was shot in one single take by the band’s vocalist Josh Taylor. Set in neon lighting, half•alive seamlessly glide across the screen with perfectly synched body movements.

The song is pretty dang good, too.

“Through the lyrics of the song, we explore the theme of hope inside hopelessness and finding purpose and passion despite feeling unrooted,” Taylor says of the track.

The band’s dance number was choreographed by JA Collective. While half•alive make the finished product look easy, drummer Brett Kramer admits that their newest video was no walk in the park.

“Learning all of the choreography was definitely a new experience for the band but turned out extremely rewarding,” Kramer says. “In order to get these shots in one take we had to rehearse relentlessly but actually found ourselves engaging with the song in a more meaningful way… learning syncopated dance moves on the bridge actually ended up making the parts easier to play on our instruments.”

half•alive’s debut EP 3 came out last year and is available here.

More updates from the band are coming soon, so be sure to stay tuned.

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