As we slowly creep closer and closer to our beloved Halloween, we can't help but look at our calendars and count down the days to our favorite spooky holiday.

Now, there's the perfect product to help all you guys and ghouls celebrate the approaching holiday in the form of Halloween advent calendars that are the perfect spooky must-have.

Check them out below!

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Advent calendars have grown increasingly popular during Christmas, with people getting excited to count down the days and earn their small prize or piece of chocolate in the process.

Now, the same excitement can be applied to the haunted holiday we love so much.

Whether you're an adult or part of the spirit-filled youth, Etsy has a calendar for everyone. And the best part? They're reusable, so you can enjoy them year after year!

With so many to choose from, Bustle has narrowed it down to three you simply have to check out.

Halloween Advent Calendar

[Photo via Etsy][/caption]The Halloween Countdown Advent Calendar features a haunted house with a wheel that you can spin to change the dates. And at a mere $18, it's the perfect spooky addition to your Halloween decor.

Halloween Advent Countdown

[Photo via Etsy][/caption]If you're looking to mix some candy with your countdown, then the Large Halloween Countdown Calendar is a must-have for you. Each square is the perfect little cubby for those Halloween goodies you want to enjoy year-round. It's a bit pricey at $65, but can you really put a price on Halloween?

Halloween Advent Blocks

[Photo via Etsy][/caption]Lastly, if you're looking for a more traditional approach, then these Halloween Countdown Advent Blocks are perfect for you! The blocks can be adjusted to reflect how many days are left until the spooky holiday, and at a mere $15, you simply can't pass this one up.

Of course, countdown calendars could get a little more complicated if this online petition succeeds in moving the date of Halloween.

Snickers seems to be backing the idea of moving the holiday to the last Saturday of October, promising to give away 1 million candy bars if the date gets moved.

Are you already counting down the days until this spooky holiday? Sound off in the comments below!

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