Picking out the perfect Halloween costume can be a chore. Whether you’ve been trying to plan your look for months or are attempting to find something at the last minute, it’s never easy to find a costume that looks cool, creative and recognizable.

Here are the 13 stages everyone goes through when trying to pick out what to wear trick-or-treating or to a big Halloween party.

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1. You suddenly realize Halloween is coming up, as if it doesn’t happen at the same time every year.

There’s this epiphany that it’s about to be the spookiest time of year again, and you need to come up with a costume so you don’t have to go as a sheet ghost for the third year in a row.

2. You browse your closet as if an elaborate costume is just going to jump out at you.

You’re just desperately trying to avoid spending money that you don’t have on another costume.

3. You try to think of a niche costume that people will still understand.

Like, maybe not everyone will get if you dress up as the lead singer of your favorite band or a villain from an obscure horror film, but it’d definitely be cool to you. And even though we love looking witchy, it’s pretty cliche on Halloween, so you have to think a little outside the box. It’s a delicate balance that is hard to achieve.

4. You think you will find something online and never do.

Quizzes and Pinterest can only do so much, and oftentimes they end up just being a good way to waste time rather than actually finding a costume.

5. You finally think of a costume idea, but need a bunch of people to get on board.

Group costumes are hard; plus, let’s face it, there’s always one person who doesn’t buy the same stuff as everyone else and ends up looking left out. Also, it’s hard to convince your friends to go all in with you on a look because then you are obligated to be together the entire holiday so people understand what you’re going for.

6. You end up ditching the group idea and finally think of something that may work.

Your friends were arguing too much over who got to be Eleven in your Stranger Things costume, so you all mutually decided to do your own thing. It’s probably not the worst decision, tbh.

7. You go to at least a dozen stores looking for the stuff you need and never find any of it.

Because this just always seems to happen every year.