Halloween is nearly here. With the spookiest of seasons right around the corner and getting more and gaining popularity every year, decorations, haunted houses and costumes have done nothing but up the ante.

But what is something that just settles in perfectly with your lawn chair, white picket fence, and apple cider? How about zombie flamingos. Nothing says classic 60's Americana like a brain-eating bird.

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While these delightful little dandies have been out for a few years, it's time we flock together and create a horde for the yard this year, because they don't just have to be for Halloween.

Think Spooky Island from the live-action Scooby Doo, that's a year-round theme park. Turn your lawn into a summer paradise with just the right amount of horror flair.

You can check out the spooky lawn furnishing below.


[Photo via United Solutions/Amazon][/caption]

More Halloween News

We all anxiously countdown the days until Halloween every year anyway, so why not enjoy a treat every day as well.

Halloween advent calendars are the new way to make the best holiday of the year have just as many fun activities as Christmas or St. Patrick's Day.

Halloween Advent Calendar

[Photo via Etsy][/caption]With r/Halloween already getting amped up that Michael's Craft Store has displayed their decorations and Snickers rallying the troops to change the date of Halloween by promising free candy, this is shaping up to be a haunted season to remember.

Even the candy companies are getting into the action. Snickers is backing the idea of moving the holiday to the last Saturday of October, promising to give away 1 million candy bars if the date gets moved.

Would you put these spooky flamingoes on your lawn? Sound off in the comments below!

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