Halloween season is fun because you can experiment with costumes, creepy jewelry and intense makeup looks that wouldn’t be socially acceptable the other 11 months of the year. As for the Halloween makeup looks, there are tons of inspiration on Pinterest, YouTube and more that can aid you in creating everything from glamourous to gory. 

It can be hard to figure out which festive Halloween look you should try to wear out on the big night, so we created a quiz to help make it easier. All you have to do is answer a few simple questions about your Halloween preferences, and then you’ll find out if you should transform your face into a terrifying clown, a spooky skull or something totally different. Figure out which Halloween makeup look you should try this year below.

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More on Halloween makeup

As Halloween quickly approaches, we’ve all been frantically trying to put together the perfect costume. You can bust out your newly acquired makeup skills, but if you’re looking to be original and stick out from the crowd, then you might want to stay away from 2019’s popular costume picks for this year.

Thanks to the data collected by Google Frightgeist, you can see the most popular nationally and locally. If you look at the national results, “It,” “Witch,” “Spider-Man,” “Dinosaur” and “Descendants” are the top five searches. FortniteChild’s PlayStranger ThingsSuicide Squad and more also inspire some of the most popular costumes.

You can also allow Google to use your location to view the “local” results based on your city. The site has a map that shows the top costumes near major U.S. cities. You can hover over many different cities to see what costume is the No. 1 trending. If you click on a result, you can review the overall popularity of the costume and its national rank.

You can also view the trend over time and other cities that are searching for the same costume. It also breaks down the costume popularity by type. For example, “film character” costumes make up 20% of the total searches on Google.

FrightGeist also has a “Costume Wizard” function that factors in things like uniqueness, style, spookiness to figure out the perfect costume for you. You can use Google’s FrightGeist application here