[Photo by: Jamie Lee Curtis/Twitter]

Ready to be scared senseless? The new Halloween movie is finally coming this October, and today we're getting a terrifying first look at the iconic killer Michael Myers in the form of a new teaser clip and some exclusive set photos.

Indeed, the first full trailer for the anticipated Halloween reboot comes out Friday, as announced by the movie's official Twitter account. Until then, horror fans can get their scares with these haunting glances of Myers' new mask.

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Yesterday saw the exclusive reveal of new Halloween photos from USA Today. The pics show the complete look of the rebooted Michael Myers character and include a chilling confrontation scene with star Jamie Lee Curtis in action.

Additionally, today a quick teaser arrived, via Comicbook.com. The vid shows some grimacing shots of the movie's Myers mask and features an ominous audio track seemingly containing clips from the upcoming film. Watch it below.

Halloween rebooted

But what about about Halloween H20 (1998) and Resurrection (2002), the last of the franchise's films with Curtis? It appears you can consider them retconned.

"Someone has to bring a modern audience into a 40-year old movie," says the revered scream queen in the USA Today piece. Indeed, the new movie is said to pick up 40 years after the original 1978 John Carpenter film.

So what does that mean for all the other films in the beloved slasher franchise? Apparently, this year's movie ignores any of the previous prequels' plot lines, including those of Rob Zombie's critically derided 2007 and 2009 remakes.

Halloween hits theaters Oct. 19.

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