If your fall plans include binge-watching Halloween movies and casting spells from the comfort of your own couch, we’ve found the perfect gift for you. 

One Etsy seller has a skull head bean bag chair up for sale where you literally sit in the skeleton’s mouth. It’s a dream come true, but you better act fast because there are only two left.  

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This made-to-order chair is pretty big, with its measurements being about 2.75 x 2.5 x 3.  Also, it has an adjustable jaw to change it from a regular decoration to a comfy floor seat. 

The SKULL Chair has a movable jaw which can be opened and closed, it can be functioned as a comfy low chair or an awesome decoration for your home,” the description reads. “The graphics on the beanbag is knitted with coloured yarns, instead of printed.” 

The handmade item costs a whopping $449, but it’s high quality and there is free shipping worldwide. Plus, all of your guests will be jealous about your dedication to all things creepy. While many people might want it just for Halloween, we'd proudly display it all year round. 

You can see what the chair looks like below and check out the listing here

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If you can’t get enough of Halloween,  Trader Joe’s has something we just couldn’t keep to ourselves — a cute planter of a skeleton doing yoga. 

The in-store only decor is only $6 and is a necessity for spooky plant moms everywhere. The figures are seen with their legs crossed and some small greenery sprouting out of their dead heads. You can see what they look like below. 


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Trader Joe’s isn’t the only place where you can get some cute yoga-themed skeleton decor this fall.  Michaels is selling skeletons put in various yoga poses that we absolutely need. Check them out here and see them below.

What do you think of this amazing skeleton bean bag chair for Halloween? Sound off in the comments down below!

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