[Photo by: Sudsy Sirens]

Halloween can be an exhausting holiday. Between terrorizing little kids during trick-or-treat, staying out all night hopping from party to party and all the time spent creating your amazing costume, by the end of the night all you want to do is pass out. What better way to help you relax than with a spooky Halloween-themed bath bomb?

Check out these creepy must-haves below!

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From Pyscho Bombers

1. Be Still My Heart - $13

Psycho Bombers be still my heart bath bomb

[Photo by: Psycho Bombers]

Scented with Narcissist Fragrance Oil, this large-sized bath bomb will turn your water blood-red while leaving your skin silky soft!

2. Black Coffin - $7

psycho bombers black coffin bath bomb

[Photo by: Psycho Bombers]

This gothic bath bomb will turn your water pitch black without staining your tub. It contains real rose petals and is scented with true rose and Dragons Blood.

From Blood & Lily Bath:

3. Netflix & Kill - $5.99

blood and lily bath bomb netflix & kill

[Photo by: Blood & Lily Bath]

A sparkling blood-splattered heart with jasmine and water lily is the perfect way to unwind after a long Halloween.

4. Nightshift Skill - $5.99

blood and lily bath bomb nightshift skull

[Photo by: Blood & Lily Bath]

A skull-shaped bath bomb that smells like dried lavender? We'll take three.

From Hocus Pocus Bath:

5. Sarah Ravencroft Coffin - $8

hocus pocus bath bomb coffin

[Photo by: Hocus Pocus Bath]

This hot pink bath bomb is a mixture of floral blends and finishes with a sultry muskiness. If you like Sex Bomb from LUSH, then this is a definite must-have for you!

6. Bubble Bubble Toil & Trouble - $6

hocus pocus bubble bubble toil & trouble bath bomb

[Photo by: Hocus Pocus Bath]

This bath bomb not only contains a mixture of dark spices, violets, cedarwood and patchouli, but glow-in-the-dark powder as well!

From Sudsy Sirens:

7. Brain Hemorrhage - $4.50

Sudsy Sirens Brain Hemorrhage bath bomb

[Photo by: Sudsy Sirens]

Coming in both a large and small size, this bleeding brain bath bomb smells of fresh green apples and savory sage.

8. Dolly Dearest - $15

Sudsy Sirens Dolly Dearest bath bomb

[Photo by: Sudsy Sirens]

This custom-color doll head will reveal the gender of your creepy Dolly Dearest once dropped into your bathwater. Scented with strawberry cotton candy, at least the smell isn't as creepy as the 3D doll itself.

9. Conjure the Spirits - $13

Sudsy Sirens Conjure the Spirits bath bomb

[Photo by: Sudsy Sirens]

Conjure up some dark spirits without ever leaving your tub! The "ectoplasm drips" glow in the dark while the bath bomb itself is scented with fresh dirt and fowers from the grave.

10. Bubbles the Creepy Clown - $13

Sudsy Sirens bubbles the creepy clown bathbomb

[Photo by: Sudsy Sirens]

Appropriately scented with cotton candy, this clown-head bath bomb is the exact thing nightmares are made of.