It looks like Halsey is making her return to Badlands. Her debut album celebrates its 5-year anniversary on Aug. 28 and the singer clearly plans to celebrate.

Over the past week, Halsey has been teasing a Badlands celebrations with cryptic clues and the reactivation of the Badlands website.

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Fans first caught on about a possible Badlands anniversary celebration on Instagram. Halsey started sharing various photos with Badlands lyrics. She first shared photos taken on what appears to be a road trip. She captioned the post with lyrics from "Drive."

As well, her location tag is Sedona, Arizona which is off of the 405. This location references the "Drive" lyrics "swerving off the 405."

Then, the following day, she shared another photo with the caption "there's no use cryin' about it." Those lyrics are from "Castle," also off of Badlands.

Most recently, she shared more photos on Instagram with the caption "we don't feel like outsiders at all," the lyrics from "New Americana."

Along with all of this, the official Badlands Twitter has also been reactivated. On Aug. 17, the first tweet in exactly four years was shared.

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Then, on Aug. 18, a digital postcard was posted. In the video, Halsey's distorted voice can be heard.

On Thursday, a Badlands notice was shared about a security breach. The notice hints that something is happening on Aug. 28. As well, various letters are underlined and spell out "THEY LIED TO US."

"We regret to inform you that all Badlands parks will be closed until further notice but to a security breach. We assure you the situation is under surveillance. Play stay inside your compounds until 8/28. Remember, Badlands authorities know best!"

The Badlands website has also been reactivated. When you visit the site, there's a pop option that says "can you hear me?" If you select "yes" and enter the password "KEEPRUNNING," another pop up appears that says "5 years is a long time." The pop up also says "you can't wake up," which are lyrics from "Gasoline."

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The Badlands website also has a phone number listed that fans can call. When fans call, the "Gasoline" music plays in the background and an operator makes a special announcement.

"Hello, thank you for calling Badlands visitors center. We are pleased to inform you that after a brief hiatus, there's some exciting news coming. Please call back for more information."

At the end of the call, you can hear Halsey whisper "keep running."

As well, if you text the number listed on the Badlands site, you are giving another cryptic message from Halsey.

"I don't have much time. I'll leave instructions on hurry."

Some fans theorize that Halsey will be on broadcasting on the radio at 5 a.m. Toronto time. On Aug. 21, Halsey tweeted "I miss you." Then, Hits 93 Toronto replied to the tweet hinting that she may appear on the show to announce the Badlands anniversary.

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Most recently, Halsey sent fans into hysterics when she shared a photo on her Instagram story on Friday. In the photo, Halsey brings back her iconic blue hair, a representation of the Badlands era.

As Halsey continues to run fans in circles with these cryptic clues, one twenty one pilots fan perfectly summarized this Badlands scavenger hunt.

Are you ready to return to Badlands with Halsey? Let us know in the comments below.