Today's a hard day for anyone who questions Halsey's emo upbringing, and an amazing day for fans who love the singer's interactions with the scene. Why, you ask?

Following a wholesome interaction between the musician and Bring Me The Horizon, people on Twitter are asking them to collab. And we back it 100 percent.

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Last week, Halsey praised BMTH for their music video for “Medicine,” writing “BMTH is rly THAT band,” on Twitter. Those simple words caused backlash, causing one user to reply to the singer, complaining about the tweet.

“Halsey is the girl from high school that made fun of u for listening to ‘screamo’ and then 3 yrs later calls herself emo cuz she listens to the story so far,” they wrote.

Halsey, obviously, didn't keep quiet and decided to clarify some things.

Bring Me The Horizon's Matt Kean quickly came to her defense. The bassist shut down any remaining non-believers with a tweet of his own, saying he recognized Halsey from the 2009 tour date in question.

“Confirmed Starland ballroom crowd surfer (blue tick),” Kean says in a tweet.

Good, now the issue is settled and we can move on to more important subjects, such as...

Could a Halsey and Bring Me The Horizon collab happen?

Fans seem excited with the idea.

Earlier today (Jan. 25), Halsey tweeted about the band's recently released album, amo. She, of course, had the nicest things to say about it.

We barely had time to wipe out our tears and the band had already responded with a bunch of hearts. Plus, a fan also shared their thoughts on the interaction.

Frontman Oli Sykes also noticed the tweet.

We hope they hear us.

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