Halsey graphic designer Garrett Hilliker called out Camila Cabello's merch designer for stealing the "Without Me" singer's merchandise artwork.

It began when Cabello released her merch for her latest album Romance. Halsey's fans quickly noticed similarities between the two lines.

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Halsey's visual designer Garrett Hilliker has also weighed in on the situation calling out Cabello's designer Amber Park and posting his own side-by-sides of the merchandise.

"Ima say this again, amber park has been stealing from my hard working friends / designers for years. i don't play like that."

Neither Halsey or Cabello have made any statements regarding the situation.

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Halsey‘s newest album Manic is due on in a little over a month on Jan. 17 and the singer is dropping bangers. She dropped two new singles “Finally // beautiful stranger” and her collab with BTS‘s SUGA, “SUGAs Interlude”.

“Finally // beautiful stranger” is a moving, emotional song that explores first love and the emotions it causes. Watch the beautiful video below.

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