Halsey has been hiding something in her signature for half a decade and someone fans are finally noticing. No, it's not that Halsey is an anagram for her real name Ashley. It's something that has popped up more than a few times in Halsey's life. 

If you guessed a number, particularly a number in the teens, then you know Halsey pretty well. 

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Halsey recently postponed all of her summer Manic tour dates until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic. But, she's been staying busy. 

Last month, she shared a Spotify playlist featuring the music she has been listening to while social distancing. The playlist includes tracks from YUNGBLUD5 Seconds of SummerThe 1975 and more.

On May 1, she released the self-empowering track “Be Kind” with Marshmello. She even took part in the coronavirus pandemic efforts and tracked down 100,000 masks for front-line workers.

So, Halsey is staying busy and apparently so are her fans. Late night on May 20, one fan noticed that Halsey is hiding something significant in her signature. It's the number 17. 

For those who don't know, Halsey is very attached to the number 17. Originally, it was her in her Tumblr username "se7enteenblack." But, she's has said it's always been popping up here and there in her life. 

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Speaking with DJ Maxwell on Z100, Halsey talked about the significance of the number when she was promoting her new single at the time "Nightmare." 

"It kind of appeared in weird places during times of like need or if I’m looking for a sign," Halsey said. "Maybe it’s total B.S. but for someone whose life changed very quickly when I was a teenager it’s nice to have something to believe in and look to.”

“I’ve always used it in our releases,” she continued. “The tickets [for Webster Hall] went on-sale at 5:17pm, which was a hint that ‘Nightmare’ was going to be coming out on May 17th. The tickets were $17.17, and the shows were on May 8th and May 9th, and 8+9 is 17, AND 5/17 in military time is 17:17.”

Well finally, someone noticed that her signature looks more like "17alsey" than it does "Halsey." So they tweeted about it. She confirmed that this was intentional and she can't be-live it took people this long to notice.


Of course, the internet is split with some people saying they've always known this and others having their minds completely blown.

Did you know that Halsey's signature contained 17? Sound off in the comments below!

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