Halsey has had a massive 2020 thus far. The singer released her new album Manic, which secured her spot as the first certified-platinum artist of the year. She rocked the house at Saturday Night Live!, and now she's spilling the beans on Hot Ones.

During the chicken wing-eating interview show, Halsey discusses everything from dressing up as Marilyn Manson to somehow plagiarizing herself.

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On Feb. 26, we reported that Halsey became the first platinum-certified artist of 2020 with Manic. The record has been very well-received by fans and prior to the album’s release saw her drop “Finally // beautiful stranger,” “Clementine,” “Graveyard,” “Without Me,” “SUGA’s Interlude,” and “You Should Be Sad.”

Halsey was also seen working with Bring Me The Horizon, who recently released a collaboration with her on their Music To Listen To EP. They also released “Experiment On Me” together for the Birds Of Prey soundtrack.

The album may be hot, but we guarantee these sauces are hotter.

At the halfway point, host Sean Evans introduces the reoccurring segment known as "Explain That Gram." They do a deep-dive on the guest's Instagram and find a picture that needs some more context. It just so happens the picture they chose for Halsey was her in a Marilyn Manson Halloween costume.

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Halsey says it was the first time she was meeting her boyfriend's friends and they were all very freaked out. Check out the image below.

Another intriguing bit is when Halsey talks about when she was accused of plagiarizing herself about a Badlands song.

"I had a really popular blog on Tumblr back in the day," Halsey starts. "And one of the poems I put on it was 'You were red, you liked me because I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky, and you decided purple just wasn't for you.' I was 18.[...] So a couple years later it ended up in one fo my songs 'Colors.' People were like 'you stole that from Tumblr.' And I was like, 'I stole it from my Tumblr.' But yeah, it was good. It was humbling. But now I don't post any of my shit online until it's locked and loaded. And submitted to BMI or Universal Publishing because I'm not trying to get called out."

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Halsey then says she gets a lot of shit because all her songs are written by Ashley Frangipane. Which most people don't know is her real name.

Once things are really heating up, Evans brings up weird New Jersey superstitions and asks Halsey if she's ever been to the Pine Barrens. She confirms that she has.

"Jersey Devil. That's where the Jersey Devil lives," Halsey says.

Evans proceeds to interrogate her about these haunted places in the Garden State. Halsey says Jenny Jump is the coolest one.

"It's the story of this girl that was chased to the edge of a cliff. Her parents were abducted and about to be murdered and they wanted her to save herself. So, they said 'Jump, Jenny! Jump!' into the lake underneath. Supposedly, she died and her ghost just haunts everyone."

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The episode concludes as usual, with the Last Dab. Halsey starts the segment with a prayer and shows off her last dab tattoo. Interestingly enough, in Machine Gun Kelly's rematch with the wings, Sean Evans reminds him that the Last Dab originated with MGK's first interview. MGK insisted that on the last sauce, they put a little extra on the wing. That can be seen here.

The show ends with Halsey stating if she backs certain food opinions that she's tweeted in the past such as Trader Joe's being overwhelming. Watch the full episode below.

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