With the recent coronavirus pandemic keeping most of us stuck at home, we've been listening to a lot more music to pass the time. Well, recently, Halsey shared what's she's been "vibing" to.

The eclectic mix contains everything from the Strokes and YUNGBLUD to 5 Seconds Of Summer and beabadoobee

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It's sort of nice when people make playlists allowing others to see what they've been listening to. It reminds us of the old days when we would all make mixed tapes or CDs and give to people to express our feelings. Or just to give them sweet new songs and artists to check out. 

Well, Halsey has just done that by sharing her "sun baby sounds" playlist. 

The 30-song mix includes hits and deep cuts from a number of very popular artists, as well as some you might not know. 

Halsey includes "waiting on the weekend" by YUNGBLUD, as well as "Best Years" from 5 Seconds of Summer's newest album C A L M. Indie icon Phoebe Bridgers is represented and is the 1975's "Me & You Together Song." Coincidentally, the 1975 and Bridgers just collaborated for the recent single "Jesus Christ 2005 God Bless America." 

She revealed the "sun baby songs" playlist on her Twitter on April 7.

Overall, Halsey shows that she knows her stuff when it comes to listening to music. Check out her playlist below. 

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In addition to Halsey, Matty Healy of the 1975 also revealed a playlist recently.

Healy's 20 song playlist is titled "At about 6 - 7." It also shows his eccentricities with the inclusion of everything from Jimmy Eat World and Radiohead to Earth, Wind & Fire and Glen Campbell. Healy tweeted on April 5 saying he plans on sharing lots of music. 

Check it out below. 

More Halsey

One thing we’ve gained from this coronavirus quarantine is the ability to see everyone’s favorite bands. From the 30-day song challenge to brackets pitting early-2000s emo bands against one another, everyone has shared their opinion. That included musicians like Halsey. 

The iconic pop-sensation recently filled out her own Mid-’00s “Emo” Bands bracket and we’re not too surprised at her top two. 

Halsey recently finished her European tour and is resting up before she embarks on the North American leg of the Manic tour. That is unless it gets postponed due to coronavirus which seems likely. 

For now though, Halsey filled out her tournament bracket of Mid- ’00s “Emo” Bands and it’s a tough lineup. 

The bracket features all of our favorite bands from My Chemical Romance and Taking Back Sunday to Saves The Day, Jimmy Eat World, the UsedParamoreSenses Fail and more. 

Posted to Halsey’s Instagram story, the bracket culminated in an ultimate showdown between My Chemical Romance and Say Anything. But one had to emerge victoriously. Spoiler alert, it was MCR. 

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Halsey made sure to add a comment regarding one of her decisions saying “this was so hard for me bc I love TBS and MCR equally. Top 2 for life ?” Unfortunately, Taking Back Sunday and MCR were in the same region of the bracket so Halsey had to eliminate one of them before the final showdown. 

Check out the bracket below. 


[Photo via Instagram][/caption]Do you agree with Halsey's choices? What do you think of her "sun baby vibes" playlist? Tell us in the comments below!

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