Halsey just released the vertical video for her song “Without Me.” The video features the singer dressed simply on a stool, pouring heart out over emotional melodies. You can check out the video below.

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Halsey shared the news with her fans that her music video for “Without me” would be streaming on Spotify.

“The “Without Me” vertical video is popping up in all kinds of places on Spotify,” Halsey says in a tweet. “Hope you love this special thing I made to hold you over till the music video comes out.”

Written about her breakup with G-Easy, Halsey pours over emotional lyrics. The simplicity of the vertical video only exemplifies the song’s personal content.

You can watch the video here.

In an interview with Apple Beats 1 and Zane Lowe, Halsey shares the thought process of song's lyrical background.

“It’s not protected by some character or some subplot,” she says. “It’s like this is really me talking about my life. It kind of gave me like an existential crisis as an artist a little bit, because I’ve prided myself on being an artist who’s authentic.”

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