Halsey, our literal emo queen, is never one to shy away from standing up for what’s right. From calling out the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show for anti-trans comments to encouraging “inconvenient” women, she continues to prove she’s a total badass.

Last night, the alt-pop singer hit The Voice stage, but many at-home viewers didn’t approve of her performance. Not one to be fazed, she immediately fired back at the haters.

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Halsey recruited actress and dancer Jade Chynoweth to join her for a performance of “Without Me.” The duo donned matching outfits and both were covered in orange paint.

As Halsey sang, Chynoweth performed an interpretative dance by her side. They fed off each other’s energy, perfectly capturing the emotion behind Halsey’s hit.

Despite the truly impressive performance, Halsey noticed backlash from viewers at home and immediately took to social media to defend it.

“Very proud of the emotional performance I did with [Jade Chynoweth] on [] tonight. And also very proud to have pissed off [the] homophobic viewers at home who missed the message. Thanks for watching.”
“[Representation] matters. Thanks [] for giving a space for this vision to come to life, and thank you [Jade Chynoweth] for being an incredible human who used her body like the ultimate instrument for this collaboration.”

The same viewer claimed, “I’m not the least bit homophobic but your ‘performance’ was absolutely not appropriate for television. Her performance was not appropriate for a show that caters to families and children. I don’t give a rats ass whether she’s gay, straight, bi, whatever.”

Another user replied to the viewer with “I have some news about the Olympics...” and a photo of two figure skaters embracing, which Halsey shared.

“This made me choke in laughter. Love is love, baby. And Jade, the dancer accompanying me, is as much of an athlete as these two. Rock on”

The singer also posted a few stills from the performance to her Instagram, expanding on the same sentiments she relayed via Twitter.

“[The Voice] finale tonight! Thank you [Jade Chynoweth] for being the bombest human being ever and bringing this vision to life. Lots of people angry because we performed the story of a wlw couple and their emotional journey. Representation matters. I’m proud I got to put this on so many television screens tonight. Younger me is stoked. Thank you @janelleginestra and @iamtiarivera”

At the time of publication, The Voice still hasn’t uploaded Halsey’s performance to their YouTube page. However, we will update this article as soon as it is posted.

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