Halsey released a new single, “Without Me,” earlier this month followed by a Spotify-exclusive vertical video where she dressed simply on a stool, pouring heart out over emotional melodies.

Now, the singer released a new cinematic and emotionally-fueled video for the track. In the clip, Halsey takes a walk down memory lane, reflecting on a past relationship and all its ups and downs.

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The music video premiered on YouTube, where fans commented on the video in a live chat. The video shows us glimpses of Halsey in a relationship with a dark-haired stranger.

In the video, the relationship has its ups and downs. Moments of happy cuddling are followed closely by drunken fights and getting kicked out of bars. In between these memories, there are shots of Halsey after the relationship’s over, ultimately building into a surprise ending.

Featuring emotional lyrics, Halsey says the song really is about her life, giving an extraordinary weight to the music video.

“It’s not protected by some character or some subplot,” she says. “It’s like this is really me talking about my life. It kind of gave me like an existential crisis as an artist a little bit, because I’ve prided myself on being an artist who’s authentic.”

Previously, Halsey released a vertical video of the song through Spotify. In the initial drop, she teased that this was just something to hold her fans over until the actual video.
In the new video, Halsey is wearing almost the same exact outfit that she’s wearing in the Spotify exclusive. Watch the new video and let us know what you think.