Halsey and YUNGBLUD’s collab “11 Minutes” recently got a metalcore update thanks to UK band, wars.

While the band put a number of special twists on the song, the highlight is easily the genre-bending change to YUNGBLUD’s parts. That said, unclean vocalist, Rob Vicars gave the artist an innovative, killer sound. Additionally, the clean vocalist, Sam Barnard provides the perfect contrasting part.

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“So this cover of '11 Minutes' started out as a bit of fun in the studio – the original is just so good, we couldn’t help but give it a go,” Vicars says in a story with SoundFiction. “Such a great mix of artists have already put their own spin on it, but it definitely lends itself to a heavier sound so we thought we might as well commit our version to tape and get it out there.”

In addition to YouTube, the song is also available on SpotifyYou can watch the music video for the brilliant cover below.

Recently, wars dropped their brand-new EP, As Within /// So Without. You can pick up your copy of it here.

Halsey and YUNGBLUD began teasing the truly triple-threat collab with blink-182 drummer Travis Barker back in February and dropped the song a week later. You can watch the video for the original song below.

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Recently, the song was pulled from some alternative radio stations for being "too pop." However, Halsey was quick to call out the industry as a whole for sexist double standards.

“Weird that some ALT stations are calling 11 Minutes “too pop” when I’m tuning into their stations and hearing full blown EDM records these days,” she begins. “Forget that '11 Minutes' has more live guitar and live recorded organic kit than most other alt songs. But it’s cause there’s a girly voice on it right?”

“Guess alt radio met their quote of the 3 to 5 (women) they play monthly in between 10-year-old legacy records,” she continues. “Shout out to the other alt stations supporting it. I’m proud as hell of that record and it means a lot to hear my voice back on rock radio.”

What do you think of wars’ take on “11 Minutes?” Sound off in the comments below.

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