[Photo by: Zoey Grossman]

Halsey defended her emo past after a Twitter user claimed the singer was "appropriating emo culture" by repping a My Chemical Romance song when sharing a red carpet pic from the 2018 Billboard Music Awards—see it below.

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It all started on Sunday night when Halsey posted a pic of her all-black look from her BMAs arrival, the hand-crafted caption reading like a file name ripped straight from LimeWire, circa 2005: "my-chemical-romance-Helena.mp3."

Of course, we all know Halsey is a scene kid at heart, but the singer took to explaining her upbringing after one fan incredulously tweeted, "halsey out here appropriating emo culture." Read her amazing response to the cynic:

"I grew up ritualistically attending warped tour and lurking livejournal," Halsey proclaimed. "Then I became a musician and met all my emo faves. Proud emo and will never deny it. Those bands shaped every bit of me!!!!!!!!! Just like you!"

In ensuing Twitter replies, the emo denier in question asserted that the original "appropriating emo culture" retort was merely a joke. So, what do you think? Is Halsey appropriating or appreciating? Sound off in the comments.

So long and goodnight, Twitter haters.

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