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"I don't really know how to do a speech unless it rhymes, so I'm going to do a little poem for you guys," Halsey tells the crowd at this year's Women's March in NYC. The poem that followed made the singer an open book in front of thousands, using her own personal experiences to inspire and empower those around her.

Watch Halsey's powerful speech in full, below.

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This year marked Halsey's second annual Women's March, following last year's involvement and monumental donation of $100,000 to Planned Parenthood. Yesterday, Halsey took to Twitter to announce she was "very honored" to be speaking at this year's Women's March in NYC.

Halsey took the stage at today's march, delivering an emotionally powerful poem to the thousands in attendance.

"This was really hard for me to do," she writes on Twitter shortly after her speech. "But I'm glad I did it. Thank you guys. This is why we rally."

You can listen to Halsey's speech from the NYC rally, below.

**TW: The following video mentions rape and assault**

Halsey also took a moment to thank those all around the world for their support.

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