hannah jadagu
[Photo by Sterling Smith]

Listen to Hannah Jadagu's Black History Month playlist

This Black History Month, AltPress is passing the mic to some of our favorite artists so they can highlight the Black artists and Black-fronted bands they’re listening to right now.

20-year-old Sup Pop signee Hannah Jadagu makes indie-pop earworms that would probably feel like they’re bursting in pastels if you had synesthesia. Her sweet melodies, soft voice, and formidable coming-of-age lyricism can’t help but inspire imagery of a watercolor portrait. The rising artist, now based in NYC by way of Texas, has already collaborated with names like Frankie Cosmos and opened for the likes of Arlo Parks and Faye Webster — making her one-to-watch, especially considering new music is on the horizon.

Jadagu curated a playlist for AltPress, which she’s titled “black swagstars,” and suggests you ideally listen to in order with a four-second crossfade. Here’s what she had to say about it: “This playlist is made up of some of my favorite earworm songs made by Black artists. I aimed to cover a lot of ground sonically to showcase that Black artists, contrary to popular belief, are not confined to one genre group. On this playlist, the listener can find anything from my friend Miloe’s rumba folk blended with indie pop, all the way to my generation’s favorites Pinkpatheress and Ice Spice, coasting on a drum & bass track complimented by a Bronx-drill inspired flow. Each of these 14 songs demonstrate the vast pull that Black artists are able to draw from, leading to some of the most swag music I’ve ever heard in my life.”