Miley Cyrus revisited her Hannah Montana roots last evening, giving the world a small glimmer of hope among its constant state of chaos. However, not only did Cyrus wear the iconic Hannah Montana wig around all afternoon, she also gave her old character a weird, but much-appreciated twist, perfect for SWMRS fans. 

In a tweet, Cyrus shared a photo of her in the wig, decked out in an Alice Cooper t-shirt.

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“Hannah is punk now,” the tweet’s caption reads. Check out the new and improved character below.

Following Cyrus’ Twitter bender, SWMRS made a reference to their song, “Miley.” In the song, the opening line is, “Miley is a punk rock queen.” Additionally, the music video layers shots from Cyrus’ old videos from back when she played the Disney star.

In a tweet, the band ask Cyrus if she has heard the song.

Given her recent transformation, we think it would be a shame if she hasn’t. However, even if you aren’t Cyrus, you can listen to “Miley” below.

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Despite what you may be thinking, this isn’t the first time Hannah Montana’s world has collided with the scene. Back in February, Frank Iero actually hilariously told his kids that the Disney character dies in the TV show.

Hannah Montana

What do you think of Hannah Montana’s punk transformation? Sound off in the comments below.

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