The sequel to 2017's Happy Death Day has hit theaters today! Happy Death Day 2U is the follow-up to the original, with that all too creepy baby mask appearing once again. It's a simple mask, but there's something about its face that just gives you the heebie jeebies.

However, it seems like the killer's mask almost went an entirely different (and possibly less creepy?) direction.

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Director Christopher Landon sat down with Entertainment Weekly to reveal the killer's mask in the horror film could have been something entirely different.

“When I was in early early pre-production [on Happy Death Day], I was trying to figure out what would be that sort of iconic mask.” says the filmmaker. “I feel like all great slasher films have that very memorable mask and at the time my partner and I we were pregnant with our first child. I think I had baby on the brain. So, I went to our mask designer, Tony Gardner, and I pitched him the baby.

I pitched him actually two things, I pitched him a baby and I pitched him a pig. I thought that Tree’s character, she was a bit of a selfish pig, so I thought that could be funny. But when I received the prototype for the baby, I knew that was it. It kind of struck the perfect balance of it being creepy, weird, slightly funny, but ultimately scary. And so it seemed to fit the tone of our movie better than anything else.”

However, it looks like the baby mask may have landed the film in some hot water.

According to TMZ, the guy who created the New Orleans Pelicans mascot (you know, that giant King Cake Baby thing) claims Happy Death Day stole his mask.

Jonathan Bertuccelli, who created his freaky baby face mascot back in 2009, believes the movie made over $200 million in revenue and thinks he is entitled to at least 50% of those profits.

He's also wanting a judge to grant an injunction to keep the producers from using the mask until both sides can come to an agreement.

You can catch Happy Death Day 2U in theaters now.

Would you have preferred the pig mask over the baby mask? Sound off in the comments below!

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