The coronavirus pandemic has clearly left its mark on 2020. However, just when you think you've heard the weirdest story of the year, something else comes along to beat it.

A recent hardcore show held in Long Island required concertgoers to purchase chili cheese dogs for admission. However, no one was required to social distance.

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Shaker's Pub in Long Island recently held a local hardcore show. In order for the event to take place, however, the venue decided to bend some COVID-19 rules. For the show, concertgoers were required to purchase chili cheese dogs for admission. This mandatory action was likely a workaround to the rules put in place for venues, allowing Shaker's Pub to function as a restaurant.

Suffolk County, where the venue is based, currently allows indoor dining as long as "capacity remains limited to 50%." As well, "all employees and customers must wear face coverings, except when seated."

Despite this workaround, however, the venue did not require attendees to social distance. Various videos from the show have since been shared online. Although most of the attendees wore face masks, there still wasn't any distancing in the crowd. Plenty of physical contact occurred during the performances due to moshing.


Another Twitter user, @diabliitax, confirmed that fans had to buy chili cheese dogs in order to enter the venue. As well, three out of the five bands on the bill played their first-ever show.

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Suffolk County, like other parts of the country, is seeing spikes in COVID-19 cases. According to the New York Times, Suffolk County as a whole has over 43,000 confirmed cases and 2,000 deaths.

While Rock Island Management did not book the show in question, the promoter did book other gigs at the same venue. They recently addressed the protocols for their own Shaker's Pub gigs, which were promoting social distancing and mask-wearing.

“There has been some concerns that I’d like to address,” the statement says. “Before our show on Friday, I was in contact with the county to find out if we could hold our event and what precautions were required. We were told 50% capacity, masks required for entry, and all employees are required to wear masks. We do not have any authority to make guests wear masks, we just need to require that they have them, but wearing them is a personal choice. I think it’s stupid not to wear one and had mine on the whole time, but others didn’t and that’s on them.”

The promoter further shares that the shows are legal under the current restrictions. Those who are concerned about their safety should not attend these events.

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"We are providing a legally approved service," the statement continues. "If you are concerned for your safety, please don’t come! No one will judge you or think any less of you, and you will have plenty of other opportunities to see our artists in the future. If you do decide it’s time to start returning to normal again, we do require a mask for entry and do ask that you wear it, but again people have free will and that’s their choice. Please do what’s best for you. We’re here if you want to get out and see a show, we’ll be here in the future if you feel you’re not ready yet. Thank you for your support!”

This isn't the first New York show to face controversy amid the coronavirus pandemic. The Chainsmokers are currently being investigated by the New York Health Department and the governor over a recent charity show. Concertgoers for the drive-in event left their cars during the performance and formed a large crowd, a clear violation of the state's social distancing rules.


Rock Island Management has reached out to clarify they were not involved with the hardcore show in question. The piece has been updated to reflect this.

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