The Spanish hardcore band We Ride are signing on to Victory Records. On top of that, the band is also debuting a video form their upcoming album, Empowering Life, set to be released April 14.

Watch the music video for the newest track below.

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“Signing with Victory Records is the reward of seven years of hard work and also a motivator to deliver the goods,” says frontwoman Mimi Telmo. “It has not been easy to be taking seriously in a man’s world. Especially in today’s political climate, it is beyond critical that women support each other. I want to be a positive figure for females involved in the hardcore punk scene.

"Personally, it has been difficult at times, many feeling offended there being a front-girl in hardcore. Victory is the label that wrote the book on hardcore and it’s an incredible feeling to be a part of it. This is just the beginning and we are here to stay.”

We Ride self-produced their first demo in 2009, then released another album in 2012, both gaining popularity from a growing fan base. Their upcoming abum, recorded in 2016, will also feature Deez Nuts frontman JJ Peters.