While stumbling around the internet today, a full set from Minor Threat came up on YouTube that was uploaded back in January, which you can watch below. The show is from 1983 at Chatsworth, California's Rollerworks, and may be their April 2 concert, which also featured Channel 3, Aggresion, Suicidal Tendencies and America's Hardcore.

While the D.C.-based act were short-lived, lasting only from 1980-1983, their influence has been profoundly echoed ever since with everyone from Rise Against to Rage Against The Machine (and many, many more that I haven't linked to) covering the band. Hell, Nike even stole their artwork for a promotional poster (later apologizing in this letter) and Forever 21 have sold bootleg versions of the band's merchandise.

The members went on to form or perform in seminal acts like Fugazi, Embrace and Bad Religion, but Minor Threat will always be an important part of Dischord history.

Know the band?--What sentiments do you hold with their legacy?

Don't know the band?--What do you think? Can you hear where hardcore has evolved from bands like this to today's new crop?