Harley Quinn is a household name. Even before Suicide Squad and Birds Of Prey, the genius albeit maniacal psychologist captured the attention of kids and adults everywhere. And finally, we get our first look at Harleen Quinzel from The Suicide Squad or Suicide Squad 2.

Her new look drops the iconic pink and blue pigtails for something ripped straight from the comic books. Check out some set photos below.

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Margot Robbie has been very busy. Her current Harley Quinn-centered film Birds Of Prey is airing in theaters. Warner Bros. just reportedly changed the lengthy original name to something a bit more simple to ease searchability.

We got our first good look at The Suicide Squad back in Septemeber when director James Gunn revealed the cast and a behind the scenes photo of them.

He first posted the photo of him hanging with the cast. Then, he began answering fan questions in the comments. On Monday, one fan asked when the film will start shooting. The director responded that they started “today” which means its already underway.

You can see his post below.

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Birds Of Prey and The Suicide Squad are not directly related to each other but in an interview, Robbie discussed being able to draw a timeline of Harley Quinn's development.

"You get to see another side of Harley." Robbie says. "It's interesting. You keep getting to meet her at different points in her life, as if a couple of years have gone by. Of course, the films aren't directly connected, but as an actor, I can map it out in a chronological sense. So, it's fun to see 'Okay, what was she like a couple of years ago when she was with Mister J?' 'What is she like now, after they've broken up? And what is she going to be like in another couple of years' time?' I love seeing her at these different stages of her life."

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The Suicide Squad is expected to include some pretty notable names including Pete Davidson, John Cena, Storm Reid, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney and more.

Will Smith, of course, does not appear in the list as he decided not to participate in the new movie. The decision to remove his character Deadshot altogether was made to give Smith the opportunity to come back in a possible sequel, according to Variety.

Jared Letolist posted by James Gunn

The Suicide Squad is expected to release Aug. 6, 2021. If you can't wait that long to see the one and only Harley Quinn, head to theaters and check out Birds Of Prey. 

Tell us what you think of Harley Quinn's new look in the comments below!

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