This week, Build-A-Bear Workshop announced it has a new Harry Potter collection launching online next month and in stores this fall.

The company has a very specific reason for the collection's launch on Sept. 2 that is a nod to the beloved book series.

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Potterheads are now able to rep their true Hogwarts house thanks to Build-A-Bear. Starting Sept. 2, the classic bears, dressed to their best in each of the Hogwarts houses' uniforms, are available to purchase online. Along with the school's uniforms, each bear even comes with its own wand.

According to the press release, the Harry Potter collection is arriving exclusively into stores this fall. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the company decided to launch the collection early online.

harry potter build a bear-min

[Photo via Build-A-Bear Workshop][/caption]“We are thrilled to be bringing the magic of the Wizarding World to Build-A-Bear Workshop,” Jennifer Kretchmar, Chief Digital & Merchandising Officer for Build-A-Bear, says. “Harry Potter fans are sure to be spell-bound by the Harry Potter bear, house robes and Hogwarts uniforms, and bear-sized wands—and more magical clothing and accessories to come. This enchanting collection is perfect for all ages!”

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Now, some of you may notice that Sept. 2 is a very significant date in the world of Harry Potter. In the books, the new school year for students begins after they arrive at Hogwarts. All of the students board the train at Platform 9 ¾ in King's Cross Station on the 1st of September. Then, they enjoy the food-filled welcome banquet before starting their classes on, you guessed it, Sept. 2.

Build-A-Bear's Harry Potter launch date is a direct nod to the book series. The collection is also arriving as many students across the country prepare for the start of their own school year. So, whether you're in Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff, there's a bear just for you in Build-A-Bear's new collection.

More information on the Harry Potter collection is available here. At this time, price points for the bears and accessories in the collection are unknown.

As well, in case you missed it, all of the Harry Potter films are saying goodbye to HBO Max. They are heading to a new streaming platform this fall.

What do you think of Build-A-Bear's Harry Potter collection? Let us know in the comments below.